• d1 = 65 mm
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Withdrawal sleeve for 65mm shaft

Technical information

Felstrom’s AH314 withdrawal sleeve ensures that conical bearings can be easily fitted onto or removed from a cylindrical shaft. We recommend that the withdrawal sleeve is replaced each time a bearing is fitted or removed. This prevents damage or contamination during fitting or removal and extends the lifespan of the bearing.

Felstrom’s AH314 withdrawal sleeve can be used in combination with bearings of any brand. The AH314 withdrawal sleeve is used for fitting onto or removing from 65mm shafts (d1) and suitable for 2214K, 1314K, 22214K, 21314K bearings.

Felstrom supplies all regular adapter and withdrawal sleeves in both metric and imperial sizes. Felstrom’s adapter and withdrawal sleeves are characterised by a neat finish for the thread and running surface. All Felstrom products are packaged individually. Our affordable adapter and withdrawal sleeves are available from our resellers.

Product details AH314
  • d (mm)
  • d1 (mm)
  • B1 (mm)
  • B2 (mm)
  • G1 (mm)
  • Lock nut
    KM 13
  • Locking washer
    MB 13
  • Withdrawal sleeve
    AH 314 G
  • Lock nut for disassembly
  • Hydraulic lock nut
    HMV 15 E
  • Bearing(s)
    2214K, 1314K, 22214K, 21314K
  • G - Bolt size
    M 75X2
  • m (kg)

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