Combining high quality with modern simplicity

Felstrom: the smartest choice

Felstrom® produces high quality industrial supplies. Smart products that combine great quality with modern simplicity.
The price is also friendly
Felstrom: smart by heart
We offer a product line that is the smartest choice at every conceivable level. These are products that are so accessible and convenient that you really can’t say no to them. Just like the price for that matter, as that is also friendly.
That’s why it’s Felstrom

all right

  • Friendly price

    We believe that quality makes the price and not vice versa. That is why our products are friendly priced, without compromising on quality.
  • Extensive documentation

    Sharing is caring, particularly with knowledge. We believe that all product information should always be available to everyone; also as a download.
  • Readily available

    What is nicer than getting what you need? We have a network of sales outlets so Felstrom’s products are always within easy reach.

Our range of Industrial Essentials

When you choose Felstrom products, you therefore opt for much more than great quality and a competitive price. You choose care-free availability at all levels. On your shelves and in our documentation, advice, automation and logistics.

Get going with Felstrom?

That’s also smart and simple. So do you have any questions about our products or are you curious as to how we can work together?

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