About Felstrom

Combining high quality with modern simplicity — This is the ambition that resulted in the origination of Felstrom® in 2015. Born from broad experience in the industry and with the desire to develop products that are ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

Smart products. That deliver quality on which industries can depend and trust. With a service that goes beyond physical properties and technical specifications.

That is why we call our product line ‘Industrial Essentials’: products that offer more for all essential parts than you might expect.

Care-free availability

The result is a comprehensive range of Industrial Essentials that gives our customers room to grow. Products and solutions that do not make the world more complicated but just the opposite, simpler and smarter.

When you choose Felstrom products, you therefore opt for much more than high quality and a competitive price. You choose care-free availability at all levels. On your shelves and in our documentation, advice, automation and logistics.

The smartest choice

The smartest choice in all fields; this vision is the starting point for everything we do. And for our distribution as well. Which we organized as smartly and simply as possible.

This means you always directly buy Felstrom products from one of our resellers. Partners directly supplied by us. And who can draw directly from our complete stock. No intermediaries. No lost margins or expensive indirect stocks.

Extremely simple and cost-effective in all respects. With products which you will be happy to work. Products that are so smart, accessible and friendly you really can’t say no to them.

Just like the price, that is also friendly.

Get going with Felstrom

That’s also smart and simple. So do you have any questions about our products or are you curious about how we can work together?

Call one of our Felstrom staff on: +31 (0)10 760 76 30

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